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April 11, 2015

Proceeds benefit the UT Student Government and Recreational Sports Excellence Funds

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With both 5K and 10K courses are available, anyone – from the avid runner to the beginners – can run!


Throughout the course, you’ll find many of the University of Texas’ finest traditions on full display. Some traditions include the Longhorn Band and Smokey the Cannon!


Longhorn Run is made possible by UT Student Government, UT Recreational Sports and Victory at Gregory Gym and powered by Nike.

If you need accommodations for this event, please contact Cecilia Lopez Cardenas at  clopezcardenas@austin.utexas.edu or 512-232-7117 by April 6, 2015 (5 business days before the race)

Check out our LHR 2014 race day recap video!

Thousands of  Runners. What Do Some Have To Say?

LHR gives longhorns from all across campus a chance to come together and challenge themselves physically. Whether you’re trying to break your personal record or you’re simply trying to outrun your roommate, you’re guaranteed to cross the finish line feeling accomplished through a uniquely Texas event.
Preston Moore, Senior
Longhorn run represents more than just an opportunity to exercise and challenge oneself. It embodies the community that UT represents by creating an opportunity to challenge and support each other, while having a lot of fun. The collective footsteps of all of the runners are part of the contributing factors to the pulse that gives life to the University.
Holland Finley, BA & BBA '14
Longhorn Run wasn’t just a 10K for me. LHR is an experience. It’s a community coming together to support one another. It’s seeing classmates cheer on classmates. Alumni supporting current students. And, growing up as a Longhorn, there is no better feeling than seeing a sea of burnt orange as you throw a hook ‘em while hearing the marching band play Texas Fight. Every longhorn should have this experience!
Ximena Kuri, BA '14